WatchSeries - Online Tv Series Streaming Site

WatchSeries is a popular streaming website that is worldwide known for its impressive variety of tv shows published online for free in HD quality that can be viewed by users from all around the world without any country restrictions. This website has been created almost a decade ago and surely you've heard about it at least one time since you started to watch movies and series online on the streaming sites. WatchSeries never disappointed its visitors in 10 years of activity and never will. We keep on uploading new movies and episodes everyday and we are not going to stop because this is our passion. In this article we are talking a little bit more about this streaming platform and how it works, maybe you can take a break from watching movies and you want to know a few important things about this site.

Modern Design, Friendly and Easy to Use

WatchSeries currently operates on one of the most popular design themes among the streaming sites. It was created by PSY Themes and it's probably the best design for the online streaming. It is very updated and has all the modern features that you would like to use while watching movies and series free. All the buttons have been placed in handy spots for easy access. There are two search forms that can help you to find the content. The homepage is minimalist and only contains a big search box and a button that will lead you to the second page where you can explore all the latest movies and shows. The navigation menu has been optimized well enough to be as useful as possible and it really helps you went you want to browse through our database very fast. We are using our own logo and color scheme and we've made a lot of custom modifications on this design theme to make sure you can't confuse WatchSeries with other free streaming sites.

Full HD Movies and Series for Free

We had a very clean target and trajectory ever since the beginning of WatchSeries: we wanted to offer the most high quality movies and series in the world, all of them for free so you don't have to spend a single penny on entertainment. WatchSeries has been completely free and we are never going to ask you for anything in return of our streaming services. The quality of the files is our main focus here, not the quantity. Even if sometimes we spend hours to find the most qualitative version of a specific movie or episode, it is definitely worth it because our users always appreciated our hard work. We previously said that quality is our main focus but that doesn't mean we didn't upload such a great quantity of content. WatchSeries's database currently includes more than 13.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. Even if we initially started as a website focused only on tv series, we extended our activity and also started to publish movies so we can have a bigger fan base and serve more people their favorite content online for free.

Legal website, well optimized

Some people asked us questions about the safety and legality of WatchSeries and we can proudly say that this streaming website is completely legit since we do not store any video files on our own servers. There is a non-affiliate third party that is uploading all the movies and series on its own servers and we are only taking mirror links and embed video players from that place so the video files are not really our responsibility when it comes to law. You can browse WatchSeries and spend time watching movies and episodes here without any problems, the website is legal and you won't end up in any troubles because of it. The third party who provides the video players is using very advanced technology and high performance servers that let us stream movies in full hd quality that are loading instantly in less than a second so you can just play a movie and it will start running automatically without interruptions or buffering and you don't have to wait at all. Please don't forget to bookmark WatchSeries and share it on your social media if you want to help us!